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Womens Platinum 2K3-L

  • Puzzle Rings Creations offers the 2K3-L for ladies with a zest for fresh yet elegant jewelry designs. This 2-band puzzle ring is a part of the women’s puzzle rings collection and is specially designed by Ambroz Pergjoni. It features an elaborate design which consists of 2 bands coming together to form an intricate lasso-loop that forms the face of the ring. This 2K3-L puzzle ring offers a fresh take on puzzle ring designs since it features one smooth loop and one loop with rope details to add contrast and texture to the ring’s overall design. The 2K3-L is a delicate-looking ring that is nonetheless eye-catching and elegant. It is perfect for daily wear and for special occasions. Like all other puzzle rings, it can be taken apart and put back together.

    Aside from women’s puzzle rings, we also offer men’s puzzle ring, diamond puzzle ring, engagement puzzle ring, and wedding puzzle ring collections for the discerning jewelry shopper.

  • Average Weight

    Metal Weight
    Silver 4.0 (g)
    10K Gold 4.7 (g)
    14K Gold 5.2 (g)
    18K Gold 6.2 (g)

    Face Bottom Shank
    8.0 (mm) 3.5 (mm)
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