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Womens Platinum 2K2-L

  • Puzzle Rings Creations brings a fresh new look to women’s puzzle rings with the 2K2-L. This dainty puzzle ring is perfect for women who are not afraid to mix things up and take risks. This delicate masterpiece of a ring is a feast for the senses and is made up of two bands with contrasting textures and metals and is available in multiple variations. The two bands come together to form a face made up of pretzel-knots. This is a fun, fresh, and elegant ring that is sure to complement any outfit and fit any occasion and is perfect for the woman who adores subtle jewelry designs.

    We have rings for men and women for all occasions. Have a look at our men’s puzzle ring, engagement puzzle ring, diamond puzzle ring, and wedding puzzle ring designs that will suit all tastes and different occasions.

  • Average Weight

    Metal Weight
    Silver 4.0 (g)
    10K Gold 4.7 (g)
    14K Gold 5.2 (g)
    18K Gold 6.2 (g)

    Face Bottom Shank
    8.0 (mm) 3.5 (mm)
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