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Mens Silver 14B-M

  • Puzzle Rings Creations introduces its 14B-M men’s puzzle ring made with the finest quality metals. This is a serious piece of hardware for men who are serious about their jewelry and are not shy about enjoying the finer things in life. The 14B-M men’s ring resembles the 10B-M ring in design: the face features the same elegant whirls and loops of precious metal but the difference is the number of bands. The 14B-M comes with 4 extra bands, giving the ring that extra masculine air. The face is quite thick and the ring has some heftiness to it. The entire ring comes apart but can be put back together like a mechanical puzzle. The 14B-M is available in silver, any combination of gold & platinum.

    We offer some truly superb men’s rings but we also offer women’s puzzle rings for all occasions. Our current collection now features diamond puzzle ring, engagement puzzle ring, and wedding puzzle ring designs to suit different styles and occasions.

  • Average Weight

    Metal Weight
    Silver 24.7 (g)
    10K Gold 30.0 (g)
    14K Gold 34.0 (g)
    18K Gold 39.8 (g)

    Face Bottom Shank
    19.2 (mm) 10.5 (mm)
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