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History of Puzzle Rings

History of Puzzle Rings

So, what exactly is a puzzle ring? Let’s take a look!

A puzzle ring is comprised of a number of interconnected rings that are also sometimes referred to as “bands.” Traditionally, puzzle rings can include as many as four, six, eight, or twelve interconnected rings, while more modern designs fashion anywhere between two to eighteen bands. And some men’s puzzle rings or women’s puzzle rings may even include precious stones, metals, and the like.

But how did the puzzle ring come about?

There are many legends and theories that surround the history of puzzle rings, especially in terms of who created them and for what purpose. One popular belief is that puzzle rings were first conceived back in the 16th century as European “Gimmel Rings.” These were rings with two or three hoops or links that would come together to form one complete ring. Another theory suggests that they were created in China way before the sheiks used them as wedding or engagement rings in Arabia, while others suggest that it was the Egyptians who had them some thousands of years ago. Some cultures still refer to them as “Turkish Wedding Rings” or “Harem Rings.” And today, they’re still primarily used as a traditional wedding or engagement ring.

The Legend Behind Puzzle Rings

One of the most common myths that describes the very first use of a puzzle ring comes from what is today, modern day Turkey. The belief is that a highly respected and newlywed nobleman who was required to spend a considerable amount of time away from his home and bride, commissioned the royal jewelers to create a puzzle ring for his bride. Rumored to be one of the most beautiful in the region, his ultimate goal was to ensure that his bride was remaining faithful to him during his time away from her.

A puzzle ring is designed to fall apart or unravel when it is removed from the finger. Furthermore, only the nobleman and the jeweler who designed the ring, knew the process and the intricate steps required to put the bands together again. The legend explains that if his bride was to have an affair, she would be required to remove her wedding ring to avoid the stigma of being an adulteress, thus upon his return, he would find the ring apart and not on her finger.

And although these could very well be legends, the true history of puzzle rings has many theories and stories to draw from. And ever since, it’s endured a robust history where they’ve played a significant role in shaping today’s puzzle ring designs. And with each new design, the sense of mystery only increases, that sense of wonder is enriched, and the utter beauty continues to show itself.

Quality Designs & Our Guarantee

It’s safe to say that puzzle rings today have come quite a long way from the traditional designs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s! Today, our gold puzzle rings are timeless, and yet modern and elegant all at the same time. Through advancements in technology and craftsmanship, we’re able to delicately craft more meticulous puzzle rings with intricate designs and high-quality bands. In some of our rings, we use as many as 18 bands.

At Puzzle Rings Creations, we design and manufacture all of our rings in-house with our dedicated team of master craftsmen and jewelers. But not only that, we’re focused on offering our customers the very best prices for quality that is unrivaled throughout the industry. Whether you’re looking for a men’s puzzle ring or a women’s puzzle ring, you can rest assured knowing that Puzzle Rings Creations is here to help.

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