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About Us

A Family Owned Business

The art of jewelry craftsmanship runs deep in our roots; our family has been in the jewelry business since the late 1980’s. The art and knowledge of this wonderful trade is passed down to us by previous generations and we continue to carry the baton. Our story originally began in Dubrovnik, Croatia in Eastern Europe back in 1985, where we opened the doors to our first store originally named “Pergjoni Jewelers”. For years we provided world-class customer service and jewelry to the old city of Dubrovnik and its citizens. We prided ourselves then and now in ensuring that the quality of our work not only surpassed expectations but helped build a bond and relationship with all of our customers. Our brand and motto stays true to our legacy even today.

The Road To USA

Due to emerging political conflict we migrated to the United States in hopes of continuing our passion and love for making jewelry. In 1993, we made a new home in the United States and we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to continue this long-lasting tradition. For over a decade we were the sole master goldsmiths for Jose Grant, located just up the street from us now. Under the umbrella of Jose Grant, we have honed our skills and continued to provide our services and expertise. It was during this time that we began to develop and work on Puzzle Rings Creations.

In 2012, we opened our doors to NP Jewelers & Puzzle Rings Creations located at 934 High Ridge Road. Stamford, CT. After decades of working with other jewelers we began to offer our services directly to our consumers and friends.

Our Family

Patrons of our store are always greeted with familiar faces. Nick Pergjoni, owner and master jeweler, along with brother and goldsmith Ambroz Pergjoni, are the co-founders of NP Jewelers and its sister company Puzzle Rings Creations. They specialize in services including custom hand-crafted jewelry, computer-aided design, jewelry repairs as well as modifications and appraisals.

Margarita Berisha, sister and her husband Alex Berisha serve as the support pillars of our company. Margarita, a goldsmith, specializes in diamond setting and polishing while Alex, also a goldsmith wears multiple hats and handles supporting services we offer such as laser engraving and soldering, jewelry repairs, as well as sales and support.

Our Values

Our old-world charm combined with modern technology has enabled us to provide all of our customers a unique and enjoyable shopping experience through intricate designs and artfully crafted jewelry. With advancements in technology such as CAD (Computer Aided Designs) and 3D Printing & Modeling our team continues to serve a wide range of customers and jewelers. We handle a variety of jewelry related transactions and strive to provide customer service held to the highest of standards in each one. From design to perfection, we work tirelessly for all of our clients knowing fully that the investments they make will truly last a lifetime.

We thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with us and invite you to contact us or stop by our store to familiarize yourself with our family, our products, and services, located at 934 High Ridge Road. Stamford, CT 06905. We look forward to meeting you.